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Scheuermann’s disease – Back pain

Scheuermann’s disease – Back pain, is also known as Vertebral Epiphysitis. Scheuermann’s disease is a disorder of calcification of vertebral epiphysis. Furthermore, characterized by notching and wedging of the vertebral bodies. Here, diagnosis for Scheuermann’s disease is usually made by x-rays.
Scheuermann’s disease is actually very common. Thereby, it affects 0.4-8.3% of the population. Ordinarily, it occurs in teenagers between the age 13-17. Furthermore, it affects males more than females.
Usually, Scheuermann’s disease is picked up when a child is brought in by the parent concerned with poor posture. In addition, There might be dull, achy, intermittent mid-back pain that is relieved by rest.
Scheuermann's disease
Scheuermann's disease

A chiropractor can definitely treat Scheuermann’s disease – Back pain by doing the following:

In conclusion, the prognosis of Scheuermann’s disease- Back pain, is usually benign and self-limiting. Usually, patients respond well to a multidisciplinary approach. Including, spinal manipulation and massage and strengthening. However, long term complications can include chronic lower back pain.

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