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RockTape – RockBlades – Dr Gert Ferreira

California – USA, was the birth place of RockTape. The founder, Greg van den Dries, is a sport lover, loves to run, cycle and swim and with all of these sports there are always injuries involved. After a visit to a physical therapist they applied some kinesiology tape and he felt so good he started to research his “own” tape and that was the birth of RockTape.

Dr Gert Ferreira was first introduced to RockTape at the 2013 and 2014 Crossfit African Games and he fell in love with kinesiology taping but especially the brand of RockTape. Once they got RockTape back into RSA, he had to start using their tape again.

RockTape being used by Dr Gert Ferreira
Dr Gert Ferreira attending the RockBlade course

RockBlades Course

On Saturday 24 March 2018, Dr Gert Ferreira attended the first RockBlades course held in South Africa. RockBlades is a tool made by RockTape, or set of tools being used to mobilize the soft tissue of the body but especially the Fascial layers of the body. Fascia connects everything in our bodies. RockBlades help foster better shearing ability between fascial layers, which can be manifested as increased mobility

What is the typical conditions treated with RockBlades?

Q: How long does it take to feel better?

A: Sometimes a difficult question because every patient does react and heal at different rates. 

This is a wonderful new modality used by Dr Gert Ferreira in his office. “As a sports Chiropractor, I can use this new tool to get my patients healthier quicker so that they can get back to their sports quicker.” – Dr Gert Ferreira

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