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Patient compliance

Patient compliance can sometimes be a very uncomfortable topic. According to the Republic’s constitution, everyone has the right to health care. But, there is also a responsibility:
To comply with the prescribed treatment or rehabilitation procedures.
Unfortunately, as a local Chiropractor, I can only do so much during the treatment session. Therefore, most of the time I will give work to do at home, for contentious care. This is not to waste your time. Instead, to improve your health and to prevent unnecessary follow up procedures. In this article, I will discuss the common home care prescribed by the local Chiropractor.
Most Chiropractors will advise on home care, and I am not the exception. I will discuss the common home care therapies:


This normally consists of either Ice or Heat. The ice can be, ice in a bag/towel, it can be something that has been frozen like, a cold pack or even frozen foods. Heat therapy is traditionally a hot water bottle or a bean bag, hot showers and baths can also work. Treatment time is between 10-15 minutes each session. In addition, I will prescribe that you apply either one of the two at least once a day but, 2-3 times a day will work great. Please take care not to burn yourself. This will leave nasty burn marks and will delay the recovery time. Yes, Ice can also burn.


This might be a controversial topic for some academics. However, when it comes to stretching and flexibility, you can’t deny the results. Stretching should be part of our daily routine even if there is no pain present. 
There are a few basics that should be followed when stretching. 
1) Don’t bounce the stretch
2) Keep the stretch for 20-30 seconds
3) Perform on both sides
4) It should not be painful
5) Perform stretch a couple of time daily.
Patient Compliance - Common stretches
Common stretches
Patient Compliance and Posture
Posture - how to set up work station


Posture is one of the best ways to combat pain and to prevent pain from coming back. Remember to stand every 45 minutes. Most of the smartwatches will vibrate or notify when it is time to stand up, otherwise set an alarm. The following picture will describe how to set up your work station. Read more on this in our Home Workplace Ergonomics post.


For most sportspeople, this is the most difficult. As a sportsman myself I know how frustrating it is not to do sport or to train. Sometimes this is the best way to recover. Rather rest a couple of days than to re-injure yourself. Consequently, that can set you back for the rest of the season or longer than expected.

In conclusion, patient compliance is a vital part in the recovery process.

If you suffer from pain, make an appointment to see your chiropractor

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