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Lower back pain due to Lumbar disc herniation

Lumbar disc herniation is a tear in the material surrounding the disk. This tear is responsible for lower back pain due to lumbar disc herniation.
A Lumbar disc herniation is an intervertebral disc. Moreover, it is a fibrocartilagenous material that sit between two vertebrae. Therefore, A herniation or disc buldge or prolapse is a tear in the material of the disc that surrounds the disc. In particular, Lumbar disc herniation is not a very common injury. Generally, it only attributes to 1-3% of all lower back injuries. But, this type of lower back pain is sometimes rare. Subsequently, it can be misdiagnosed as something else. Piriformis syndrome is a neuromuscular disorder. Therefore, it occurs when the sciatic nerve gets compressed by the piriformis muscle. Meanwhile causing pain and tingling down the leg.

An injury that occurs more in males than in females and the highest incident age is between 35-45. Generally, there is a sudden onset of lower back pain. Together with, leg pain past the knee. So, you will most likely have had a previous episode of lower back pain. Pain might follow after heavy lifting, twisting or repetitive stress. In conclusion, the pain is described as a sharp, shooting or electrical pain.


We must realize that 90% of the symptoms coupled with lower back pain due to Lumbar disk herniation will improve with time. Generally, normally within 18-24 months

A chiropractor can definitely treat this type of pain by doing the following:


In conclusion, 90% of the patients will have resolution of symptoms within 3 months of onset.

Therefore, the sooner you are up and moving the better prognosis there will be, although flare-ups might occur. After about 6 weeks of treatment and no improvement then a surgical consultation might be warranted.

If you suffer from lower back pain due to lumbar disc herniation, please contact us or make an appointment to see your chiropractor.

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