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Journey of a Sports Chiropractor

Journey of a Sports Chiropractor

KES Water Polo 2017 - Dr Gert Ferreira - Sports Chiropractor in Centurion

Journey of a Sports Chiropractor: Over the weekend of 2-4 March Dr Gert Ferreira worked at King Edward School VI, at their annual water polo festival. The event is run by the Student Chiropractic Sports Council – UJ chapter.  As a sport chiropractor I go to those events and oversee proceedings, to make sure the students treat correctly and come up with the correct diagnosis.

Dr Gert Ferreira, Sport Chiropractor in Centurion working at KES water polo

The KES water polo is traditionally one of my favorite events to work at in the year. Water polo is a team sport played in an all-deep pool seven feet (or two meters) deep, between two teams. The game consists of four chukka (quarters), usually of eight minutes, in which the two teams attempt to score goals and throw the ball into their opponent’s goal. Each team made up of six field players and one goalkeeper.

Dr Gert Ferreira, Sports Chiropractor t KES water polo

Typical injuries we treat are shoulder and neck injuries. The shoulders get injured from the trowing action. Head injuries are not that common but are seen from time to time.

The days you work at these events, it is long and warm days, but it is worth while giving back to the community and the students. I learned a lot from them and my wish is that they have learnt something new from me.

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