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Headache Types – Chiropractor in Centurion

Dr Gert Ferreira, Chiropractor in Centurion, will be discussing different types of headaches that the adult will experience sometime in their life. According to the World Health Organization affects headaches at least half of the adult population at least once a year. In the next month we are going to Blog about some of the most common types of headaches that affects the adult population.

Types of headaches - Blog post by Dr Gert Ferreira Chiropractor in Centurion.

Some of the headaches that we are going to discuss is:

Every Blog post will discuss in detail what the type of headache is and how it is treated by Dr Gert Ferreira, Chiropractor in Centurion

Below I will explain in short what the definition is of each headache:

1) Cervicogenic headaches

    This headache originates from the cervical spine localized to the Occiput (base of scull) and the neck

2) Cluster headaches

    This form of headache is a recurrent brief attaches of sudden head pain, usually only on the one side.

3) Migraines

    This is a recurring head pain due to changes in the brain and surrounding vasculature. This is one of the most common types of headaches seen in doctors’ offices    

4) Pathological headaches

    These are types of headaches with potentially life-threatening origins, there is an estimate that only 1/300 severe headaches are pathological – don’t stress too quickly.

5)Tension headaches

    These are a type of headache that feels like a tight “band” around the head, and they are normally from a muscle origin.

If you suffer from headaches, contact us or make an appointment to see your chiropractor.

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