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Chiropractor for babies

Chiropractor for babies? Yes you have heard right. Chiropractors do treat pregnant women, babies and children. Just as in adults, children and babies can suffer from joint dysfunctions and they can cause an array of issues like: chronic pain, poor sleep and behavioral problems just to name a few.

Dr Gert Ferreira attended a weekend seminar over 17 and 18 March 2018. Dr Steve Williams, a world leader in Paediatric chiropractic, chaired the seminar. Furthermore, Dr Ferreira gained a lot of knowledge in terms of diagnosing, treating and giving paediatric advice.

as a Chiropractor for babies, Dr Ferreira learned a lot new techniques to treat babies more efficient and with greater care. Some of the techniques include cranial and sacral work.

Paediatric Chiropractic - Dr Gert Ferreira chiropractor in Centurion

Is Paediatric Chiropractic Safe?

The techniques used by Dr Gert Ferreira is safe, gentle and effective at relieving joint dysfunction and their effects. Adjustments in children is modified accordingly because they need much less force to get treated, just the same, you will not give your child the same dosage of medication as for an adult.

Paediatric chiropractor

When do I need to take my child to a Paediatric Chiropractor?

When your baby or a child has the following symptoms then it might be wise to take them to a Paediatric chiropractor:

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