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Muscles causing headaches – Dr Gert Ferreira – Chiropractor in Centurion

Posted 3/14/2018

Muscles causing headaches – Dr Gert Ferreira – Chiropractor in Centurion


In the previous series of blog we discussed all kinds of headaches, from cluster headache to migraines. The next blog series is about the muscles causing tension type of headache. These are the most common type of headaches that I treat in practice. For a quick recap these are the type of headaches that it feels like your head is in a vice or a tight band is around your head. Most of the time this type of headache is caused by muscles spasms or problematic neck joints.

In the up and coming series we will look at all the muscles involved, discussing the anatomy, how you injure the muscle and how to treat the muscles at home. The muscles that will be discussed:

·        Trapezius

·        SCM - sternocleidomastoid

·        Scallenes

·        Levator Scapulae

·        Splenius

·        Suboccipital group


We will be discussing some definitions of words that you might reed in the next blog series:

·        Trigger point – Myofascial trigger poins

o   “Hyperirritable spot in skeletal muscle that is associated with painful nodule in taut band” Travell and Simons. These points can be painful and when pressed it can rise to characteristic referred pain.

·        Caudad

o   Away from the head

·        Cephalad

o   Towards the head

·        Distal

o   Farther away from the trunk or point of origin

·        Extension

o   Straightening of a hinge joint, like elbow

·        Flexion

o   Bending of a hinge joint

·        Lateral

o   Farther from the midline

·        Proximal

o   Closer to the trunk


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