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Lumbar sprain/strain - Chiropractor in Centurion

Posted 5/9/2018

Lower back pain - Lumbar sprain/strain - Dr Gert Ferreira - Chiropractor in Centurion

Lower back pain - Chiropractor in CenturionLower back pain - Chiropractor in Centurion

A Lumbar sprain or strain can be defined by soft tissue damage to the ligaments, muscle and fascia surrounding the lumbar spine, sacrum or pelvis. This is normally lower back pain, stiffness of muscle spasm that may have an immediate onset or shortly after an injury.

This form of lower back pain is very common, can be in 60% of back injuries. The usual peak age is about 30-50 years of age and can occur 3 times more in men than women. On history you might complain of a previous back injury, you may have limited range of motion and pain gets better with rest or with heat pack.


Risk factors:

  • Prior lower back injury
  • Repetitive lifting and twisting
  • Obesity
  • "Weak" core muscles
  • Postural issues
  • Sudden unguarded movement

Normally a lower back strain/sprain can be graded into 3 types:

Grade Description
Mild - Gr 1
  • Less than 10% fiber damage
  • Mild tenderness, no swelling
  • Mild pain at end range of motion
  • Functional recovery in 2-14 days
Moderate - Gr 2
  • 10-50% fiber damage
  • Moderate tenderness, no swelling
  • Mild loss of function
  • Functional recovery in 14-40 days
Severe Gr 3
  • 51-100% fiber damage
  • Severe pain and swelling present
  • Pain with most movements
  • Significant loss of function
  • Functional recovery in 1-3 months



chiropractor can definitely treat this type of pain by doing the following:

  • Spinal manipulation therapy
  • soft tissue therapy that includes accupuncture, massage, fascia release and kinesiology taping.
  • Home care -ICE therapy, stretching and a short term use of anti-inflammation medication.
  • Core stability training.
  • Postural advice

This type of lower back pain responds very well to chiropractic treatment and with co-operation from the patient in terms of home care they should get back to normal in no time.

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