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Lumbar facet syndrome - Chiropractor in Centurion

Posted 5/7/2018

Lower back pain - Lumbar facet syndrome - Dr Gert Ferreira - Chiropractor in Pretoria

Lower back pain - Chiropractor in PretoriaLower back pain - Chiropractor in Pretoria

Lower back pain affects a big part of our everyday population, that is why we should know what types of lower back pain we get and how to get it treated. The first condition we going to have a look is a very common one, and it is called Lumbar Facet Syndrome. This is a lower back pain due to inflammation or the degeneration of the facet joints, and is often aggravated by extension type of movements.

This type of lower back pain is a dull, achy lower back pain, and it can have episodes of sharp pain. There can be a prior history of repetitive lifting and bending. The pain gets worse when prolonged standing. There is an estimate that 15-40% of lower back pain cases originates from the facet joints. This lower back pain can occur in all adults but peaks at the age of 40-50 years.


Causes of this lower back pain include:

  • Sprain of surrounding ligaments
  • postural bio-mechanical hyperlordosis (increased arch in lower back)
  • repetitive trauma 
  • muscle tension

Risk factors include:

  • Prior facet syndrome
  • Repetitive lifting and bending
  • High impact activities
  • History of osteoarthritis
  • Sedentary lifestyle 


A chiropractor can definitely treat this type of pain by doing the following:

  • Spinal manipulation therapy
  • soft tissue therapy that includes accupuncture, massage, fascia release and kinesiology taping.
  • Home care -ICE therapy, stretching and a short term use of anti-inflammation medication.
  • Core stability training.
  • Postural advice

This type of lower back pain responds very well to chiropractic treatment and with co-operation from the patient in terms of home care they should get back to normal in no time.


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