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Back pain – Postural syndrome

The next and last part of the series on mid back pain is on Postural syndrome. Dr Gert Ferreira a chiropractor in Centurion will be discussing this condition. Furthermore, Postural syndrome can be defined as chronic neck, back and arm pain. Secondary to postural fatigue of muscles in the shoulder girdle, anterior spine and prevertebral fascia. This Postural syndrome can also be called, student syndrome or text neck.

To begin with, Postural syndrome is known for the slumping of the head forward with rounding of the shoulders that will increase the curvature in the mid back. Subsequently, this will cause pain and discomfort. Namely, upper cross syndrome.
Moreover, this is a very common condition and affects all kinds of ages and genders. Usually, the elderly and students are very commonly affected. Usually, It is a gradual onset of dull achy, neck and upper back. Secondary to poor postural habits or prior neck/upper back injuries.

A chiropractor can definitely treat this type of pain by doing the following:

In conclusion, the prognosis of postural syndrome is excellent. Consequently, full recovery is expected. 

For more information, contact Dr Gert Ferreira, Chiropractor in Centurion, near me.

If you suffer from pain due to text neck syndrome, make an appointment to see your chiropractor.

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